Our Club started in 2011 as a Facebook group that rapidly grew into around 1000+ members. Our aim then, as it is now, was to create a forum for people in Sydney city to connect over their passion for mountain-biking. At the end of 2014, it was decided that to advance the causes of the group, the best path was to form a registered club, under the affiliation of MTBA (Mountain Bike Australia).

The aims of the Club are as follows:

  • Establish a group for mountain-bike riders who enjoy riding in and around the city of Sydney, including some of the National Parks close by (legal trails only!)
  • Provide a forum for ideas and experiences to be shared with like-minded people
  • Help provide resources for both new and existing riders
  • Organise group rides
  • Raise awareness of riding in the city and advocate for more trail development
  • Most of all, to have fun!

The Club for All Types of Rider The Club welcomes all disciplines of rider, from XC to Enduro to Downhill and beyond. The Club also welcomes newcomers who aren’t familiar with any of these disciplines, and just want to get out and ride! Whatever your style, you’ll find plenty of others with similar taste in the ranks of members. We are inclusive, non-discriminatory, and advocate legal riding that respects other people and the environment. We are also developing a Code of Conduct which we will soon publish to this website and the Club’s Facebook page.

Club Governance

The Club is governed by the following team, and is run in an open and transparent manner. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

President: Nathan Organ

Nathan grew up in Winmallee in Sydney's Blue Mountains where he cut his teeth in the world of mountain biking. He has ridden and serviced his own bikes ever since and has developed into a keen custom bike builder with almost no task beyond him. He has been riding for over 24 years with a hiatus in the middle where he struggled for almost 5 years with chronic fatigue. Nathan worked through that disability to come out riding and found himself alone in the city with no MTB community to be found; this is how Sydney MTB Riders was born. Nathan has been working hard to build a community so that no one would find themselves in that same predicament again. He has since welcomed and guided visitors from abroad around Sydney's trails as well as exploring some foreign trails himself with an epic trip to NZ with the then brand new custom built Santa Cruz Nomad C, taking it to Wellington, Christchurch and finally Rotorua to break in the new beast. He even got featured right next to the one and only Sam Hill in Australian Mountain-bike Magazine (AMB).

Current bike/s: Custom Santa Cruz Nomad C 2013

Secretary: Kim Howell

Kim grew up in the UK during the BMX explosion in the 80s. His first bike was a mongoose that had two cogs at the back that you had to change manually by taking the back wheel off. Still to this day he isn’t sure what that was all about! DJing and clubbing left him dazed and confused and taking a break from bikes, until he got back into biking around 2008. His first MTB was a 2008 GT avalanche HT. Has been backwards and forward living in both the UK and Australia, Kim finally settled back in Australia in 2011 and then really started to get into mountain biking. He took the plunge and went from a HT to a dually and hasn’t looked back since.

Kim currently rides a 2012 Yeti 575 and uses any excuse to upgrade (sound familiar?) to a more aggressive set up. He can often be heard reasoning with his wife why he needs something new! Living in South West Sydney and being only ½ hour from both RNP and Menai, Kim rides both those trails a lot. His favourite trail at present is Kentlyn as it suits his riding style. Kim’s skill level includes being able to fall a lot and has had injuries such as a fractured elbow and dislocated shoulder, which required surgery. Kim’s next big purchase will hopefully be a DH bike. A recent trip to Thredbo was an eye opener when he had much more fun on the DH trails than the flow trails.

Club Treasurer: Andrew Lamb

Grew up in a house with a roof (and walls) and was lucky enough to get a bmx then later mountain bike for birthdays when young and rode whereever and whenever he could. Alas that coming of age, getting his drivers license, meant riding bikes went to the wayside for the sound of the engine. Around 2010 went for some rides with his Dad and fell in love with mountain biking again. The freedom to explore, get back in touch with nature and hang out with mates has kept him on the bike since. Enjoy the odd race and will always be up for a ride somewhere sometime. Motto: Riding should always be fun! Current Bikes: Trek Remedy, Polygon Cozmic, Ragley Piglet, Giant STP, Felt Q Series (converted to a cyclocross bike) Next Bike: Waiting for something to break...then time to break the bank balance

Club Officer: Andrew Wilson

Andrew grew up thrashing an old Mongoose around the bush tracks behind his house. At some point during university, the bike was left to rust and Andrew forgot about riding. A few years ago, he picked the sport back up, bought a new bike, and now enjoys regular rides with his mates all around Sydney, as well as participating in the occasional race or big event.

Current bikes: Giant XTC, Wilier Izoard (road)

Next bike: Undecided, likely dual-suspension XC bike