Sydney MTB Riders (Club)Inc. is currently seeking premier sponsor to help bring the club to the next level. This is a unique opportunity to get in at the ground floor and promote your brand in line with healthy living and outdoor activities.


Club Introduction

Sydney Mountain Bike Club aka Sydney MTB Riders is a not for profit association formed to provide a social riding experience for mountain bike riders in the Sydney metropolitan area after a niche was identified. It caters for all levels and styles of Mountain Bike riding for those in the Sydney Metro area, something that has never existed until now. Clubs have been formed for outer Sydney such as Western, Southern and Northern areas but never for the Sydney metro area.

Sydney MTB Riders was formed in December of 2012 and has enjoyed great growth via its Facebook group ( ) with almost 900 members of that group. We have been very casual up until now and this year we are pushing into a more formal arrangement with a paid membership scheme and organised rides and/or events.

2014/2015 is going to be huge for us! We are currently in the process of designing jerseys for the club members to purchase, organising formal club ride events around Sydney and beyond, assignment of officials to serve as the club board and so much more.

We have several platforms for members to communicate with the club and each other. These include, Facebook Group, Facebook Page and Club Webpage ( ).

We have worked hard to build a member base that includes only enthusiastic and active people and the Facebook group is a testament to the quality of conversation and enthusiasm of members with multiple new topics posted each day with each drawing many comments in discussion.

The club was formed by Nathan Organ. His background includes mountain bike riding since the mid 1990’s and carries right through to today, still being a very active rider.

Nathan thus far has been the sole driver for the formation of this club with all funding provided by him personally. This has included the formation of the association and tax registration, merchandise such as stickers and initial jerseys, design of logo and website and more.




We have already secured discounts via Oakley, Maxxis and 2XU for club members but this year is going to be so much bigger and we are currently seeking offers of sponsorship for the club.

Club sponsorship includes the placement of company logo on jersey down torso flank and/or back of neck between shoulder blades. Placement of logo on and on any official club events.


Gold Sponsorship

Logo on all club communications, jersey and website.

Silver Sponsorship

One logo on jersey and on website.

Bronze Sponsorship

Logo on website and listing as sponsor in club communique

Goods and services will also be accepted and will be valued at market rates and measured against the above cash levels as stated.

All sponsors will be listed on club website under section entitled sponsors. (Where anything is listed on the website it will also be listed in this group and the Facebook page for Sydney MTB Riders).

The above benefits of sponsorship shall hold for a minimum of 12 months or until a new jersey is designed. This sponsorship offer is for the 2014/2015 season.

Please see images at end of document for examples of logo positions and jersey design.

Use of funds

Money will go towards paying for club projects such as coaching courses and events for omen, kids, beginners and schools. It will also be used towards club events and rides organised for members.

Club financial records of any monies spent from donations will be made available on request.

Sponsorship will also be communicated to the almost 1600 members of this group and any merchandise in company logos can be made available for distribution to members.

A sponsorship contract will be offered detailing the above.


Jersey Design example




Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to consider Sydney MTB Riders and we hope to hear back from you on this matter.

You may contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by phone on 0412845740 or by mail as per address at the start of this letter.



Kind Regards,

Nathan Organ


Sydney Mountain Bike Riders Club