Sydney MTB Riders has a major goal of getting people on bikes. We recognise there are some groups that could benefit more from gaining access to mountain biking and have already started delivering programs such as the Lets Ride program for primary schools.

We have also launched our Ride Leader program which we continue to develop that allows us to host several rides each week for riders across Sydney. The program also helps us with events such as beginner rides where we coach people through trails and also provide bikes for people to use when they may not have one yet.

Our next project that we feel is very important, as I know that several of our ride leaders have themselves experienced mental challenges such as depression and anxiety, is to afford those who are struggling with depression or other mental challenges the opportunity to participate in a ride.

Ride to Smile is just that, providing a ride to help someone smile. We acknowledge that sometimes people just need to get out and meet people while participating in a healthy activity. What could be more healthy and freeing than mountain biking?

Riding in the bush is a very liberating experience as attested by anyone that partakes in that activity. This is an experience we wish to make available to those ordinarily not afforded the opportunity. Our experienced ride leaders will host the rides, many of which have been through their own personal mental struggles. The riding is held at venues with a degree of progression so that we can cater for many different activity and skill levels. We also have accredited coaches and trained first aid officers on hand.

We wish to establish a fleet of bikes that we either have access to or have on hand to provide to people to ride and enjoy our great sport. They can know that our ride leaders can relate to how they may be feeling and we are here to listen, talk or just be there to ensure you are safe while riding.

We have started working with Joe's MTB Tours who provides us with bikes where he can and are looking for more local providers to assist in providing time and bikes to run these sessions. We are also looking for donations towards this project to assist with procuring some bikes as well as safety equipment and other program costs.

We will announce more on this program as we developed it further but in the meantime if you wish to donate or to help in any way please let us know.

Right now we are seeking partnerships and sponsors to help us build a fleet of bikes and equipment to host these events. If you wish to donate to the project please do so via the Sydney MTB Rider Foundation page at the Australia Sports Foundation