Sydney MTB Riders has been busy putting together some programs for members. One of those programs that is moving along nicely is the ride leader program.

What is a ride leader?

A Ride leader is someone who has good MTB experience, very likely has first aid training and may even have MTB coaching training.

What will ride leader do?

A ride leader’s role is to welcome new members and organise rides in a safe manner. They will show people around trails, provide guidance on riding basics and be your conduit to the club. They are your people who bring the riding of Sydney to you.

Who are the ride leaders and how can I get in touch with them?

Nathan Organ - President Level 1 coach (Trainee) and official
John Hawkins
Mel All - Level 1 coach (Trainee)
Jason Donnellan
Andrew Lamb - Sydney MTB treasurer
Stewart Tunbridge
Troy Laughlin
Jason Lorch
Vince Brant - Level 1 (Trainee) coach

They can be contact via our Facebook group or you may contact us to get a hold of one of them